Meditation journal (5/13 – 5/18)


Frustrating start. Had difficulty focusing on breath count and mind was all over the place. Halfway through switch was flipped and my focus on breath count fixed itself! Ended strongly. Still having tension issues in my shoulders.


Busy (and random!) mind this morning, but I was able to let the thoughts go with some success. Breathing rhythm was also good throughout session with little tension and I felt relaxed. Solid meditation that felt good on all levels.

5/16 – Two Powers

Used Ian’s audio file again. Two Powers meditation felt even better this time around. As the waters filled me, I felt as if I was floating in the water. And the heaven power through the waters made me feel like I was glowing. Very sublime experience. Only difficulties were keeping my breath at a steady rhythm while visualizing and a bit of tension developing in my neck. Other than that, it was a wonderful session. I look forward to doing the Two Powers meditation again!


Meditation went pretty well. Had a fairly active mind, but I felt I was successful in letting the thoughts drift away. Breathing and rhythm felt solid. Was able to relax as tension arose, thus I was able to keep it controlled during session. Pleased with another good meditation.


Frustrating session. Distractions had me unfocused most of the time (noises upstairs, people outside, etc.) and focusing on breath count was incredibly challenging. Had some difficulty with breathing because I’m still getting over this chest cold. Not a fun meditation, but I tried to overcome all these issues. Just couldn’t pull it off.

I feel like things are going really well with the basic trance meditation. I have some good sessions and some challenging sessions, but I’m learning a lot each time. With the addition of a Two Powers meditation thrown into the mix, I feel like I have a good mental training practice going on right now.


5 responses to “Meditation journal (5/13 – 5/18)

    • Yeah, I don’t know what it is. I’ve been sick, which could be one thing, and I’ve just been feeling off. This morning’s meditation was the worst I’ve had. I’m hoping this will all pass soon!

      At any rate, Ian’s Two Powers audio file is on the ADF website under the Dedicant Path stuff. There should be a link called “Dedicant Path audio files” and you’ll find it there. I hope it serves you well. It certainly has helped me!

      • I hope it passes soon for you as well. When I’m finding meditation really hard I tend to go to the woods. Sometimes changing the location or removing certain distractions really helps. In the woods with my iPod is wonderful.

        And thanks for the directions. I got the audio file and used it today – so much better than trying to talk myself through it. Thanks!

      • You’re welcome! I think having the meditation guided for now really helps me focus on the visualizations, which is the important part. It’s a wonderful meditation and I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

        As for the difficulties, I hope they pass, but I also know that I’m learning even if I’m having problems. Even a failed meditation has its worth.

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